A report on a civil engineer from king saud university riyadh saudi arabia

Female students are not admitted. Of the main landmarks of the new Statute is the creation of the Higher Council of the University as one of its administrative powers. The membership of the new council includes two active or inactive university Presidents, two faculty members who had assumed such positions outside the country, or two native leading intellectuals.

Students new to the country and culture should note that all Saudi universities uphold Islamic laws and beliefs as enforced by the state.

While international students are generally accepted into the leading Saudi universities, restrictions among other lesser-known universities are likely to vary, and admission for female students is limited to a select few universities and women-only institutions.

Located in the capital city of Riyadh, King Saud University currently enrolls a total of 51, students, of which more than 1, are internationals.

Despite its name, King Fahd University in fact offers courses in a wide array of subjects, covering traditional disciplines as well as engineering, science and business. Naming the Minister of Education as the President of the university, the Statute ordered that the University have a Vice President and Secretary General, and that each college and institute have a DeanVice Dean, and a council.

Prince Fahd said that he was committed to promoting higher education. Following the first session of the Council of Ministers, he announced that the first Saudi University would be established as a house of culture and sciences.

The Higher Council of the University is the dominant power over the university affairs: King Abdulaziz became king inand began laying the foundations for modernizing his country and establishing an educational system.

Again, a year later the College of Dentistry and the College of Applied Medical Sciences were added to the Riyadh campus, while launching at the same time the Abha-based campus with the College of Education.

In another branch of the University opened at Qassim with three colleges: Inthe Graduate College assumed its office in supervising and organizing all graduate programs in the various departments of the University. Female students are admitted.

Five years later the College of Agriculture was established. Agriculture, Veterinary Medicine, and Economics and Administration. Again, the Statute dictates the creation of an Academic Council overlooking scholarly research and studies.

With the new Statute, the membership of the Higher Council of the University includes five active or inactive university Presidents, or native leading intellectuals. Inaccording to the dictates of the Royal Decree No.

Of a similar level of prestige to King Fahd University, it has more of a focus on the life sciences alongside engineering. It was founded in and has more than 82, students, with separate campuses for men and women.

To the council are also added the University Secretary General and two other non-university members. InRoyal Decree no. Since then KSU developed further according to the needs of the nation. At this time deanships of Admission and Registration, Students Affairs, Libraries were also established.

Those who wish to stay on and work in the country will also find lucrative graduate career prospects offered in these sectors.

These are located in the city of Jeddah, and designed by well-known English architect John Elliott. It also offers faculties in a wide range of subject areas, including art and design, humanities, sciences, medicine, pharmacy, business, law and dentistry. Inthe Council of Higher Education issued its decision no.Khalid S.

Al-Gahtani currently works at the Department of Civil Engineering, King Saud University in area of Construction Engineering & Management.

His Research Interests are: Analyzing Delay and Acceleration claims by using CPM schedule, Information Technology including BIM applications on Construction, Risk Management, Construction Contract and Contract Administration, Sustainability.

Biomedical Technology - Instruments [33] Chemical Engineering [33] Civil Engineering [33] Electrical Engineering [33] Industrial Engineering [33] Mechanical Engineering [33] Petroleum and Gas Engineering [33].

King Salman assumed the leadership of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on 3 Rabi’ al Thani H (January 23, ), on the death of King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz. Education: BA in law, King Saud University Positions Held: Secretary General of the Riyadh Competitiveness Center; special adviser to the chairman of King Abdulaziz Foundation.

King Saud University

Saudi Arabia Essay Examples. 49 total results. 2, words. 6 pages. A Report on a Civil Engineer from King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. words. 1 page. An Analysis of Saudi Arabian Current Relationship with the United States.

1, words. 3 pages. Edit this page; Read in another language; List of universities and colleges in Saudi Arabia. This is the list of universities, colleges and institutes in Saudi Arabia.

List of universities and colleges in Saudi Arabia

The Abdullah Bugshan Research Chair in Expansive Soils has been granted patent number SAfrom the Saudi Patent Office, King Abdul-Aziz City for Science and technology, on 13/12/ (Rabi’I – .

A report on a civil engineer from king saud university riyadh saudi arabia
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