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Make use of Renewable energy. Such polluted air never remains at one place however it spreads in the whole environment and affecting the lives of people all around the world. Respiratory problems in humans: The regions most affected by air pollution are nations in the developed and developing world such as China, India and Bulgaria.

Particulates can cause thick, gloomy clouds in the air. It gives us everything like air, water, land, plants, and sky for the Air pollution kids essay survival of the life. How Human Activities Create More Air Pollutants Since the beginning of human existence, man has continuously produced waste and has applied dubious means to dispose of this waste.

Manufacturing factories are also the great contributor to the air pollution by meeting the growing demand of people.

Pollution Essay

Some of the big reasons of the air pollution are use of poisonous fertilizers, insecticides, pesticides in the agricultural sectors by the innocent farmers in order to increase the crop production. Long and Short Essay on Pollution in English Pollution in India is a big environmental issue which everyone must be aware of.

The quality of life is worsening day by day as pollution acts as a devil which causes various health ailments like high blood pressure, Air pollution kids essay disorders, respiratory disease, cancer, epidemics, skin diseases, etc.

The release of several harmful gases or dangerous elements from such sources is causing the whole atmospheric air pollution. If it is not taken under control, it may affect the whole universe to a great extent in the future. However, by any means if our environment gets affected negatively, creates lots of problems and many challenges in living a simple and healthy life.

Pollution Essay 12 words Environment pollution is the mixing of harmful pollutants into the environment causing disturbance to the natural processes and cycles. The human activities like burning the fossil fuels, coal Air pollution kids essay oil release of harmful gases and substances from factories and motor vehicles.

Our learning materials include one providing 10 argumentative essay facts on air pollution as well as tips on writing a platinum tier argumentative essay on air pollution.

The polluted air we breathe every moment causing lungs disorders and even lung cancer thus affecting the health of other body organs. Various types of environmental pollution are categorized as the water pollution, air pollution, land pollution and noise pollution.

Trees absorb greenhouses gases such as CO2 and releases O2 into the air. Environmental pollution is getting big by increasing level of pollution of water, air, sound and land. We should take care of our environment to maintain the natural ecosystem. Air Pollution Essay 3 words Air pollution is one of the main environmental issues nowadays.

Gradual disappearance of the marine life would really affect the livelihood of human beings and animals. Topographical and meteorological conditions are increasing the spread and concentration of the pollutants.

This problem is becoming worse day by day because of the new technologies growth and development. Many new companies are opening in the industry and do more to grow their business in the competitive field.

Ultimately all the man made technological advancement is the big reason of all types of pollution on the earth. A study on this calamity found that cold weather was responsible for reduced visibility but gas emissions from burnt fossil fuels were the primary cause of the recorded fatalities.

In the crowd of betterment of life, everyone wants to have well resources for their easy daily routine but they do not think a little bit about their natural surroundings. The air pollution is a mixing of many harmful substances in the fresh air and pollutes the environment.

Air pollution causes respiratory disorders including lung cancer among human being and animals. When fossil fuels are burnt, the produces several harmful gases including CO2.

Environmental Health Perspectives,p. Any type of pollution in our natural surroundings and ecosystem causes insecurity, health disorders and discomfort in normal living. Increasing number of vehicles on the roads and increasing demands of the usage of the petrol and diesel increases the risk of air pollution as petrol and diesel spread heavy amount of poisonous gases in the environment such as carbon monoxide, sulphur-dioxide, hydrocarbons, and many more gases are polluting the air.

The main reasons of the air pollution are the heavy emissions of harmful and poisonous gases arise from the increasing number of vehicles, factories and open burning.

Educating yourself as well as the public on air pollution is one way to counter these effects and essay writing is a step in the right direction.

Essay on Air pollution: Introduction, Causes, Sources, Impact and Control Measures

This water is used by the farmers in growing crops which we eat and disturb our physiological functioning. The dust and particulate matters also gets mixed with air to worsen the situation.

There are many reasons behind regularly increasing this air pollution. We should not cut trees, use public transportation, avoid spray cans, and so many activities in the favor to reduce the effects of air pollution.Essays - largest database of quality sample essays and research papers on Air Pollution Essay For Kids.

Pollution Essay 1 ( words) Pollution is the contamination of the natural environment which exists around us and helps in normal living.

Any type of pollution in our natural surroundings and ecosystem causes insecurity, health disorders and discomfort in normal living. Air pollution is the presence of harmful foreign substances (pollutants) in the atmosphere, emitted by both natural and anthropogenic (human activity) sources.

Air pollution is the contamination or presence of unwanted substances in the air making it harmful and detrimental for human and animal health. Here are a few argumentative essay topics on air pollution that are going to prove helpful in a long term perspective. Learn how to go about choosing a topic on this page.

Air Pollution Essay Examples. An Analysis of the Acid Rain and the Issues of Pollution in Atmospheric Moisture. 7, words. 16 pages. An Essay on Air Pollution in the 20th Century.

2, words. 5 pages. Effects of Air Pollution on Child Development. words. An Overview of the Air Quality and the Issue of the Air Pollution in the. The air pollution is a mixing of many harmful substances in the fresh air and pollutes the environment.

It causes many damages, human health disorders, reducing the quality of life, etc. Air pollution is increasing the day by day because of the increasing number of population and increasing of Industries.

Air pollution kids essay
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