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An alternative novel that is well worth the read; five stars There is no happy ending or justice, it is a story told as Alice remembers things.

Ever since university he had been writing. Apr 14, Mekerei rated it it was amazing Blindsight by Maurice Gee is a story of loneliness and regrets. Believed by many Tibetans to be possessed by demons, the children are shunned by their parents, scorned by their villages and rejected by society. Still, by the last third, I was fully fixed on the book and wanting to know what the next bit of the past that Alice was going to reveal to her curious nephew.

It was released in New Zealand in Dysfunctional families and acts of extreme violence, often a group attacking an individual, recur, as do creeks and drownings, while many characters and situations remind the reader of later novels.

Even in the most recent, where Wellington and Auckland play a major part, it is their subdivisions — Wadestown, Karori or present-day Henderson — which dominate. Later, Gee lived a while in Napier and then moved to Nelson with his wife and family, to find a rural town near the sea, both resembling and differing from the Henderson of his childhood.

When Gee came to publish his Collected Storieshe had added just two more; his mature work has tended to be longer fiction.

Blindsight : a novel

Again and again his plots are set in Henderson, usually under another name, or other small towns. Each is peopled with a variety of intensely living and unique personalities together with lush images of the natural and social worlds. Echoes of Henderson Creek, in various transformations, pervade his fiction.

The resulting three-week journey is beyond anything any of them could have predicted. The Southland Times went further: In Games of Choice there is increased subtlety, complexity and tautness of writing.

The Scornful Moon was published by Penguin in Access Road is a novel of chilling tension and expansive humanity; a beautifully crafted work of literature and a seductive family story. Stay informed Subscribe to the newsletter and receive our latest news, features author insights, previews, giveaways, events, and more.

Donald, now pathetic, dies in an accident, and gradually his mother, sister and widow come to understand each other better, the three women being sensitively drawn.

It might be too glib to say that the author is doing so too, but patterns and themes that will shape later books are here in embryo: Alice is forced to confront events in her life that she Blindsight by Maurice Gee is a story of loneliness and regrets.

There are some half-dozen uncollected stories. InGee wrote the short non-fiction work Creeks and Kitchens BWB Textswhich functions as an autobiographical fragment detailing his childhood experiences in West Auckland.

It leads into fantasy and ultimately science fiction in the trilogy The Halfmen of OThe Priests of Ferris and Motherstone Delving into subjects surrounding Gee that were previously untouched- such as the sexual repression within his works — the biography allows the reader a deeper insight into the man behind the writer.

I love the way that Maurice Gee makes his characters so believable. His memories of primary school in Henderson are obviously intense and detailed.

Previous recipients include C. In the fiction, both children and adults have such adventures. Gee says of the work: PG for some thematic elements and mild language Genre: Rescued by Sabriye Tenberken, a blind educator and adventurer who established the first and only school for the blind in Tibet, the students invite the famous blind mountain climber Erik Weihenmayer to visit their school after learning about his conquest of Everest.

This acknowledged his growing literary status. The Limping Man is the third instalment in the Salt trilogy. Yet there is always an awareness of living at the edge of an abyss: Under the Mountain is an Auckland tale stimulated by the volcanoes that dot the cityscape.

He spent his time in the study where there were shelves of books that went up to the ceiling. Like many New Zealand writers, Gee confronts the mental constriction of local puritanism, and the backlash shows that it is not just a fictitious construct.

Going West is significant for its exploration of the nature of literary creation, and for much encoded autobiography. His description of his grandfather is immediately recognisable to readers of Plumb: Set in Wellington, the story centres on James Tinling, a former Cabinet Minister; Eric Clifton, world-renowned moon scientist, and Sam Holloway, literary man and moralist.Blindsight [Maurice Gee] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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Widely acclaimed when first published, Maurice Gee's Blindsight is now regarded as one of the master's finest novels and one of the best novels published in New Zealand in the past couple of decades/5(2).

So begins Maurice Gee's latest novel of 'Wellington noir' (The Times). Narrated by Alice, as an old woman looking back over the mistakes and tragedy of her family history, Blindsight is a corruscating look at the evil we are capable of inflicting upon each other.

Blindsight is a great example of the emotional dividends that careful photography, sensitive editing and an atmospheric score can deliver. August 8, | Rating: 4/6 98%.

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Blindsight (Paperback)

by Maurice Gee. Format: Paperback Change. Price: $ + $ shipping. Write a review. Add to Cart. Blindsight, is a narration from a now elderly woman Alice, who receives a surprise visit from her.

Maurice Gee is a distinguished New Zealand fiction writer. He has received numerous awards, nominations and grants for both his adult fiction and his young adult and children’s books, and was bestowed the prestigious Icon Award in by the Arts Foundation of New Zealand.

Blindsight: a novel. [Maurice Gee] -- "[This book] is the story of a good though damaged man and his less than virtuous sister.


As their childhood closeness unravels, Alice moves into her career in science (she's a mycologist), while.

Blindsight by maurice gee review
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