Bombing of the rainbow warrior

Constable Stephen Drain with the outboard motor The dinghy and its driver were seen by two fishermen and a cyclist on his way under Ngapipi Road bridge and into Hobson Bay.

rainbow warrior bombing

One of the twelve people on board, photographer Fernando Pereirareturned to the ship after the first explosion to attempt to retrieve his equipment, and was killed when the ship was sunk by the second, larger explosion.

The video filmed by Erick Est included footage from the history of Greenpeace and the original Rainbow Warrior. French agents posing as Swiss tourists had earlier visited the ship, which was open to the public, to gather information for the operation.

An abandoned French-made inflatable was located shortly before the explosions and an outboard motor soon after. The next day, police followed as they booked new flights at a Queen St travel agency.

Portuguese-born crew member, Fernando Pereira, drowned after going to his cabin to retrieve his camera gear. The campervan was long gone by the time police arrived. The Friendship Fund has provided contributions to a number of charity and public purposes.

Among other documents was a Greenpeace brochure with a Grey Lynn address scribbled on it. In breaks from questioning, a French-speaking policeman sat with them in a room reading a newspaper. They took a ferry to the South Island, went skiing at Mt Huttand then left the country using false documents about 10 days later.

Rainbow Warrior bombing

Greenpeace replaced her with a new vessel, and for 22 years, the second Rainbow Warrior has campaigned for a green and peaceful future. A murder inquiry began and two French agents were tracked and arrested.

New Zealand, meanwhile, has stepped up its demands for compensation. France, being an ally of New Zealand, initially denied involvement and joined in condemning what it described as a terrorist act.

I think he wanted to be understood. Prieur returned to France on 6 May because she was pregnant, her husband having been allowed to join her on the atoll. The agents may have intended the first mine to cripple the ship so that it would be evacuated safely by the time the second mine was detonated.

Operation Satanique was launched in April and the attack scheduled for mid-July. Peter Willcox, captain of the Rainbow Warrior, added:The Rainbow Warrior wasn’t hit by a tug, of course. In an attempt to “neutralise” the ship ahead of its planned protest, French secret service agents in diving gear had attached two packets of plastic-wrapped explosives to it, one by the propeller, one to the outer wall of the engine room.

Death of Fernando Pereira An immediate consequence of the bombing of the Rainbow Warrior was the death of photographer Fernando Pereira. The bombing of the Rainbow Warrior.

From the archive, 24 September 1985: French inquiry into Rainbow Warrior bombing

A French secret service diver who took part in the operation to sink Greenpeace ship the Rainbow Warrior 30 years ago has spoken publicly for the first time to apologise for his actions. Jean-Luc Kister, who attached a mine to the ship’s hull, says the guilt of the bombing, which killed a photographer, still weighs heavily on his mind.

The Rainbow Warrior Went aboard the Rainbow Warrior on the evening of the bombing, allegedly to provide the DGSE agents with information used to time the bombing. The sinking of the Greenpeace protest ship Rainbow Warrior in Auckland in July shocked the nation.

The bombing of the Rainbow Warrior

The incident galvanised an anti-nuclear movement that had emerged in opposition to both French nuclear tests at Mururoa and American warship visits to New Zealand. Rainbow Warrior was a Greenpeace ship active in supporting a number of anti-whaling, anti-seal hunting, anti-nuclear testing and anti-nuclear waste dumping campaigns during the late s and early s.

The ship was bombed in the Port of Auckland in New Zealand by operatives of the French intelligence service on 10 Julysinking the ship and killing photographer Fernando Pereira.

Bombing of the rainbow warrior
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