Comparing the differences between the renaissance and the middle ages

One important thing to remember is that many composers did not arrange their music for a particular instrument, rather many instruments would accompany a piece even if they were not written in the music.

How did the Renaissance differ from the Middle Ages?

People followed the church laws as the church was considered to be coming directly from God. Middle ages literature downplayed the brutality of knighthood and feudal warfare in the asses.

With the fall of Constantinople inthe learning of the East long lost to the West was brought to Western Europe by scholars who abandoned that city. The printing press was used in the Renaissance Age whereas parchment was used in the Middle Ages. One innovation in secular music was the "madrigal.

The above answer downplays the difference between the two eras; perhaps more than is accurate. It is not surprising that several thousands of Gregorian chants were thought to be composed; however they were not recorded until about the 9th century. A lord granted a fief to a vassal in exchange for military protection and other services.

This form of portrayal incorporated fine woodwork and stonework. Humanism also encouraged scholars to question religious teachings when they conflicted with observed phenomena, leading to the development of the scientific method and an explosion of discovery and invention.

These groups often used instruments that varied from larger instruments such as organs and harpsichords to lutes or recorders. Eventually, however, experimentation became the very nature and essence of scientific inquiry.

What was the difference in history between the Middle Ages (Medieval Times) and the Renaissance?

The Middle Ages was a period from the 5th to 16th centuries. If you like this article or our site. This was a period of revival for art, writing, and learning. Full Answer During the Middle Ages, scholars were primarily priests and monks, studying ancient books and art for their insights into God.

The renaissance began after the wars and plagues when people wanted to celebrate life and the human spirit. This caused ideas and religion to spread rapidly. It is perhaps the slowness of change which leads some to conclude that the differences were not that great.

For example, Gregorian chants were re-energize by this innovation because they could weave in different melodies that would change the chant. Even with this style, instruments were sometimes used to mimic the vocal parts if a singer was absent, however this was particularly rare.

In the literature was also a portrayal of humans, called Humanism, seen. During the renaissance, Johann Gutenberg developed the printing press which could produce books quickly and cheaply.

The use of shadowing and many brighter colors also enhanced the art. A good example of the medieval age is the Notre Dame Cathedral located in Paris.

What Is the Difference Between the Middle Ages and the Renaissance?

Middle Ages vs Renaissance Comparison Renaissance The middle ages and the renaissance were two time periods which were very different, yet similar in some ways. Art and literature was very different in these time periods.What was the difference in history between the Middle Ages (Medieval Times) and the Renaissance?!

Home; Cliff's Notes; Subjects What was the difference in history between the Middle Ages (Medieval Times) and the Renaissance? What's the difference between a. Why Is the Period in Europe Between and A.D. Called the Middle Ages? A: The period in Europe between and A.D.

is called the Middle Ages because it lies between the Classical and Renaissance periods. Middle Ages vs. Renaissance Music Middle Ages Renaissance Gutenberg Press made distribution of music and musical theory possible on a wide scale.

Middle Ages The first form of music was written in this time period. AD Middle Ages The music. Learn some of the similarities and differences of music of the Middle Ages, and the Renaissance.

Middle Ages vs Renaissance Comparison

The Renaissance saw a flourishing of artists and musicians, as well as. Compare and Contrast Renaissance Middle Ages The Renaissance was the period approximately between and A.D. An important German contribution to the Renaissance was Johann Gutenberg's printing press, which allowed printers to make thousands of copies of books Polish mathmetician named.

1. COMPARISON BETWEEN MIDDLE AGES-RENAISSANCE Maria Fernanda Galeano Maria Camila Rodriguez Laura Morales 2. OBJECTIVE To analyze and compare social and cultural aspects from Renaissance and Middle Ages; according to pages 3.

CONTEXT The Middle Ages is known as a period of time between the 5th and the 15th century.

Comparing the differences between the renaissance and the middle ages
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