Diversity issues in the movie the blind side

Hollywood Fictions of Whiteness.

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And how does that pain factor into her feelings about her son? People will give enough to alleviate immediate suffering, but rarely enough to prevent future suffering or change underlying conditions.

This is not the story of Michael Oher. But those of us who are white might learn some life enhancing lessons. Just as I hope we all will ask, why does Hollywood keep making movies like The Blind Side, and why do we love it so much?

It is based on a true story of Michael Oher, an over-sized black teenager from the wrong side of the tracks Quinton Aaronwho gets "adopted" by a rich Memphis couple Sandra Bullock and country music star Tim McGraw with two kids of their own.

This is all well-trod ground for examining race in this, and other, films. While he had been leaning toward Tennessee, this event decides him ultimately to sign on with Old Miss.

Leigh Anne will use that to explain him how to play in the field. We are told that big Michael fared poorly on his academic tests, but scored in the 98th percentile in "protective instincts.

Wright does not ask us to love him, but he does ask us to understand him and to see him as both a villain and a victim. I found these reactions to be fairly realistic for members of a conservative white community.

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Does she continue to be friends with these women? Based on a "true" story, it is the tale of a rich white couple in Memphis Sean and Leigh Anne Tuohy who find a poor black kid named Michael, and take him into their home.

An opportunity arises for Michael to play at university level. They fight, they steal, they use drugs, they join gangs. However, when he tries to leave in the morning, Leigh Anne insists that he stay for dinner, and the children accept Michael matter-of-factly.

Bigger Thomas forces us to sympathize with a far less sympathetic character, and in so doing, makes a far stronger statement about the effects of racism and poverty.

The smile that spreads across her face suggests white satisfaction. However, he needs his grades to improve, so the Tuohys hire a private tuition teacher, outspoken and kind Miss Sue Kathy Bateswho is determined to succeed, because she, like Mrs.

The movie follows a young Black teenager who escapes the slums of impoverishment and drugs. Spoilers The Blind Side is not simply a painfully bad movie.

There are plenty of endangered children who have as much potential as Michael, who are as deserving of love and opportunity as Michael, but who are not such easy children. Redemption through learning the ways of white culture is an old Hollywood theme…. Centered around this absurd premise, the rest of the movie should make any intelligent viewer cringe.

The leader of the tough guys welcomes him back to Hurt Village, offers him a beer, and insinuates that Michael has had sexual relations with Leigh Anne or her daughter. How does she confront her own racism in that copmlex mother-son relationship?Jan 05,  · The Blind Side is a movie doing very well at the box office.

Reviews are generally positive and it is considered one of the best movies of However, criticisms of the movie have come from leaders in the Black community and from some film critics.

All issues; Manage subscription; What 'The Blind Side' Says, and Doesn't Say, About Race have been noticeably silent about 'The Blind Side,' the Sandra Bullock-helmed movie based on the.

Transcript of Movie Analysis: The Blind Side. In this movie, race plays a big part between Michael and his new surroundings. Michael is black, and his adoptive family is white. I believe that this movie is a great example of interpersonal communication because of all the different issues and personalities in the characters.

The. Have you enjoyed “The Blind Side”, and were you positively drawn into the drama of “Precious?” 3. Should you, as a youth worker, encounter persons such as Michael or Precious in your youth group, how would you come to understand their issues and what intervention and support might you offer?

Academic journal article CineAction Race and Class in the Blind Side: "Fifty Years Ago We Had to Watch out for People with White Sheets, Now They Have on Pinstripe Suits. May 24,  · Watching The Blind Side, thinking about Hollywood's problem with race Sandra Bullock won an Oscar for portraying Leigh Anne Tuohy in The Blind Side.

Bullock's performance is quite good--nuanced, funny, natural, and absorbingly mint-body.com: femonomics.

Diversity issues in the movie the blind side
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