Ethical discussion about surrogacy essay

In fact, besides the disrespect to human dignity, surrogate mothers are high-risk obstetric patients both physically and psychologically. But what about the stress, anxiety and emotional distress to the surrogate mother? Couples with fertility problems, same-sex couples, and single people who wish to be parents are the most common types of people who seek surrogate mothers.

There is no doubt that these people are committing a feat, and they are worthy of admiration. The recent case of a poor woman advertising the services of her womb, in return for Rs. All the expenses including insurance of surrogate medical bill and other reasonable expenses related to pregnancy and childbirth should be borne by intended parents.

In spite of the fact that surrogacy is the only one chance to have their own child for women whose uterus is removed, or for those who is not allowed carrying a child for health reasons, all Christian canons condemned surrogacy. Each year, couples from abroad are attracted to India by so-called surrogacy agencies because cost of the whole procedure in India is as less as one third of what it is in United States and United Kingdom lakhs.

The age of the surrogate mother should be years, and she should not have delivered more than 5 times including her own children. These types of surrogacy are genetic and gestational. However, it seems appropriate to allow such couples to implement the surrogacy program, which should be based primarily on the genetic relationships of the child with its parents.

However with the times changing and relatives not readily available to suffer the discomfort and pain involved, the services of surrogate mothers have assumed pecuniary overtones.

Controversial essay on Surrogate Mothers – Ethical or Non-Ethical

Should the emotional ties that she can accumulate over the course of ten months be placed first or the rights of the Ethical discussion about surrogacy essay parents? In India, there is no provision of psychological screening or legal counseling, which is mandatory in USA.

Some argue that his act undermines the traditional family values, and further, his children may similarly think they could do whatever they wanted as long as they had money. Further, they may be liable to the role confusion. On one hand she sacrifices her self-dignity, compromises with her daily duties in the household and stays away for that period of nine months and feels guilty that she has fallen prey to this trap.

Altruistic surrogacy refers that a women help a couple who is impossible or medically contraindicated to carry a pregnancy, that women do so not for the money but for the special joy it brings to the lives of those who cannot have children themselves.

As in all other aspects of medical care, physicians should be certain that there would be a full discussion of ethical and legal issues as well as medical risks, benefits, and alternatives, many of which have been addressed in this statement Committee on Ethics, Articles from Indian Journal of Community Medicine: This will bring down the rates of surrogacy.

Is the issue of surrogacy so clear and transparent that everything will be easy for those involved in it, the couple and the surrogate mother?

Back to the case of Baby M and the same sex couples, who after waiting for their buddle of joy begin having legal issues. I feel that some women need to be able to look at their child and see similarities in physical features to know that they are part of a child.

Scutt In fact, wherever the egg derives from the surrogate mother or not, baby develops inside her body, the baby is a part of herself. Every woman has a dream and a natural instinct that she will become mother and nurture a baby.More Essay Examples on Pregnancy Rubric.

Nowadays, although such new medical technology has brought up questions regarding its ethical goodness or badness, the commercial surrogacy is still legal in several countries like United States and India while illegal in many other countries. Legal and Ethical Issues with Surrogacy Surrogacy is the means of reproduction in which a woman consents to give birth to a child that she will not the author will attempt to point out the distinctions that separate and define legal and ethical reasoning.

A thorough discussion regarding legal Ethical Dilemmas Essay. Controversial essay on Surrogate Mothers – Ethical or Non-Ethical. Surrogacy and IVF are arrangements through which an infertile couple can acquire a child by involving another woman to carry the pregnancy to the term and hand over the child to the childless couple after delivery.

Traditionally the surrogate mother is usually a close relative who. Ethical Discussion About Surrogacy - Surrogacy is a modern medical treatment, which is the process that a woman carries and delivers the baby for another person or another couple.

Ethical problems of this medical technology have been discussed frequently in. Essay on Ethical Discussion About Surrogacy Surrogacy is a modern medical treatment, which is the process that a woman carries and delivers the baby for another person or another couple.

Ethical problems of this medical technology have been discussed frequently in recent years.

Ethical and Legal Dilemmas of Surrogacy

Ethical dilemmas in surrogacy. January 30, Thus there are many ethical dilemmas associated with surrogacy which are very difficult to handle.


However, it can prove to be a boon for mankind if all the ethical, legal and social issues are considered and adhered to in society. Hektoen International Journal is published by the Hektoen.

Ethical discussion about surrogacy essay
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