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Filipinos avoid confrontation if at all possible. Marriage and Wedding Customs A sacred marriage In the country, marriage is a sacred union of man and women after a period of courtship and Filipino customs and traits essay. Rather than to praise, he would highlight everything negative about that person in an effort to bring him down or destroy his reputation.

Another period follows after death, the day mourning period.

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During special occasions such as birthdays or "fiestas" —parties when people from other places visit your home to celebrate with you—there are lots of foods specially prepared for everyone!

Also, constantly expecting the worst can get pretty depressing. Popular snacks and desserts such as chicharon deep fried pork or chicken skinhalo-halo crushed ice with evaporated milk, flan, and sliced tropical fruit ,puto white rice cakesbibingka rice cake with butter or margarine and salted eggsensaymada sweet roll with grated cheese on toppolvoron powder candyand tsokolate chocolate are usually eaten outside the three main meals.

First on the list is Mano Po. Filipino culture is often associated with qualities such as compassion towards others, loyalty, and highly respectful mannerisms. Rice is a staple in the Filipino diet, and is usually eaten together with other dishes.

A balikbayan box is a box of items sent by the balikbayan to their family in the Philippines. Source Characteristics of Filipinos Every country has its differing values and stereotypes, and the Philippines is no exception.

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You may be going to the Philippines on business, for a visit or even hosting Filipino colleagues or clients in your own country. Some delicacies eaten by some Filipinos may seem unappetizing to the Western palate include balut boiled egg with a fertilized duckling insidelonganisa sweet sausageand dinuguan soup made from pork blood.

Ingenuity and Creativity — they are good inventors. It is a way of giving respect to the elders and I believe that is also a way of receiving blessing to the elders.

Thus, it motivates Filipino businessmen to improve the quality of their products to make it more competitive against foreign ones. It is important to remain for the period of social conversation at the end of the meeting. This is a coping mechanism to balance emotional stress and to boost the capacity to survive.

This trait shows poor signs of patriotism, loyalty to community, and concern for the needs of others. It is a gesture used in Filipino culture performed as a si This can sometimes be helpful in adversity, but it can also keep us from finding ways out of situations.

For many, it is just a choice between their faith and fears. The nation is divided between Christians, Muslims, and other religious-ethno-linguistic groups; between urban and rural people; between upland and lowland people; and between the rich and the poor.

This is one of the unique characteristics of Filipinos. For the most part your Filipino colleagues will be punctual as well.

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Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. At times, they sacrifice their own comfort to accommodate their guests very well. Courtship We Filipinos are very romantic when it comes to heart affairs.

It is one of the outstanding cultural values that Filipinos have. If you raise your voice or lose your temper, you lose face. For many Filipinos, the eternal quality of dedication to God pervades a truly sacred marriage. Facts and Statistics Location: They earn so little but they still work very hard for not much compensation.

Appearances matter and visitors should dress well. The host will immediately let their visitor sit down and will prepare a meal or a snack plus drinks for the visitor. An attitude of "what goes around, comes around" or "come what may. Everyone helps out and gathers together at Filipino parties.

Hold the fork in the left hand and use it to guide food to the spoon in your right hand. Living with Parents Filipinos highly value the presence of family more than anything. Crab Mentality — a troublesome trait evident in a Filipino where when one sees the progress of a comrade, the other becomes resentful rather than happy for the achievement.

Having Close Family Ties is also one of their unique traits. You may send a fruit basket after the event as a thank you but not before or at the event, as it could be interpreted as meaning you do not think that the host will provide sufficient hospitality.

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In addition to Filipino are about distinct indigenous languages and dialects, of which only about 10 are important regionally.Filipino Values Essay Sample. POSITIVE VALUES. Close Kinship – a Filipino considers family as an important social structure that they must love and care.

Filipino Practices Essay Example & Outline. Are you in High School, College, into a selective integration where they modify the foreign influences to be similar with their distinct Filipino culture. Filipino, as a religious based culture, have many beliefs based on some supernatural powers.

On the other hand, they have a belief that they. Free Essay: Filipino Customs and Traits Every nationality has its own customs, traits, characteristics, values, attitudes, and beliefs that were inherited. There are many Filipino cultural traits that I think will help me become a better individual, and there are some that I want to leave behind.

The Filipino culture is founded upon the same principles as many other Asian customs. Filipino Customs and Traits Essay Filipino Customs and Traits Every nationality has its own customs, traits, characteristics, values, attitudes, and beliefs that. Filipinos have a rich culture of customs and traditions, especially regarding food.

Plain steamed rice is the basis of a Filipino diet, and a meal isn't considered whole unless rice is served with it.

So much rice is needed in the Philippines that three crops are harvested each year. To ensure that.

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