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Their wild fantasy games of African explorers, pirates and Red Indians trigger his great work, and the clear-eyed innocence of these games rejuvenates Barrie, though it is sceptical and sardonic little Peter Llewelyn Davies Freddie Highmore who is the paradoxical model for Peter Pan himself.

Close your eyes and you can hear him saying: As Sylvia, Kate Winslet is brisk yet loving: His performance, torpidly solemn and self-conscious as a potential Oscar winner, has a fraction of the zip of his comic turns in Pirates of the Caribbean and Ed Wood.

You really will have to believe in fairies pretty fanatically to get this sugary pudding of a film airborne.

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Were they thinking such evil? Given this support it is obvious that the talents of the lead performers will shine, and they glow they do with such understated performances that make the simple story of the sanctity of the inner child so cogent that there is not a dry eye in the house during the thankfully long credits.

Johnny Depp really is very, Finding neverland movie review odd. Johnny Depp continues to prove that he is one of the finest actors on the screen today: It is a tour de force of acting talent.

And how therefore richly and nobly superior to nasty reality! Or is thinking such evil confined to an uncomprehending modern age that likewise sniggers at Lewis Carroll and Baden-Powell? With his slicked-back hair, evening dress and dark three-piece suits for daywear, he looks like a cross between a minor public-school housemaster and Count Dracula on Temazepam.

He is badly in need of new inspiration. Barrie and the movie itself are in full, fastidious retreat from the adult messiness of sex and love and sadness, taking refuge in the toybox world of the imagination - yet never has that world been more pedantically and unimaginatively portrayed. Jack Blackburn blackburnj-1 8 December Finding Neverland is one of the best films I have seen all year.

A patrician Scots accent is arguably more lugubrious, but Depp sounds most like the erstwhile Liverpool and Scotland football international and s TV presenter Ian St John. Depp and Winslet are superb and their supporting cast is very strong in particular Julie Christie, Dustin Hoffman and Freddie Highmore.

Kate Winslet, never more beautiful, likewise embodies Sylvia with exactly the right amount of perk and pathos, and as her mother, Julie Christie is strikingly beautiful and unfailingly solid in a role less than loving.

As Depp and the lads romp around the gardens, Forster shunts us ham-fistedly inside their tinted, fantasy world of pirates and wild west cowboys, as if to say: Grady Harp, November out of found this helpful. The Guardian Ah, the golden, sun-dappled world of boyhood in our lost Edwardian age!

Growing up has never been better portrayed - by all of the characters! Clearly Highmore has a great career ahead of him.

Finding Neverland

Sign in to vote. Cameo roles are treated with tremendous respect: Sporting eccentrically with his St Bernard in the park one day, Barrie is entranced by the four young sons of Mrs Sylvia Llewelyn Davies Kate Winslet and immediately strikes up a rapport with them - and with their mother.

The magic comes from the skill of the writers Alan Knee and David Magee and director, the cinematographer never has Victorian London glowed with such elegant gaslight presenceand the musical score by Jan Kaczmarek.

Eileen Essel as Mrs. Perhaps so, but squeeze time out of the clutter of life and the holidays to see this movie and be transported to a place that nurturingly reassures us that the cycle of life is indeed good. The boys are artfully recreated, never absurdly over the top, always very close to the bridge that crosses the craggy canyon between childhood and adulthood.

And that Scottish accent isDec 03,  · Movie Review In this movie based on a play (The Man Who Was Peter Pan) based on his life, famous playwright Sir James Matthew Barrie () has 4/5. May 04,  · Parents need to know that Finding Neverland is a movie in which Johnny Depp plays J.M.

Barrie, a struggling playwright who finds the inspiration to write the timeless classic Peter Pan after befriending a young widow played by Kate Winslet and her four sons.3/5. Nov 18,  · "Finding Neverland" is, finally, surprisingly moving.

The screenplay by David Magee (based on Allan Knee's play) and the direction of Marc Forster ("Monster's Ball") manipulate the facts to get their effect; Sylvia's husband was still alive in the original story, for example, and her illness had not taken hold. But by compressing events, the /5.

This week's reviews. More about Finding Neverland. Film of the week. Finding Neverland Cert PG Peter Bradshaw Friday 29 October Barrie and the movie itself are in full, fastidious. Finding Neverland The feature endorses innocence in each frame, characters and emotion that is drawn out from genuinely moving writing and performance.

The screenplay by David Magee may not be gripping or intriguing enough to invest in it but it surely is effective and has a soul in it. "Finding Neverland" is actually one of those rare movies that doesn't go over-the-top and none of the dramatic moments feel forced.

"Finding Neverland" is a biopic based on the life of play-writer J.M. Barrie, best known as the creator of Peter Pan.

Finding neverland movie review
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