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W celu uzupelnienia historii mojej rodziny, potrzebne mi sa dane z zydowskich ksiag urodzin, slubow i zgonow z Waszej okolicy. I would like to locate the christening and marriage records of the Greek-Catholic parish.

If you do not have the necessary records, I request that you provide the address of the place where such records can be found.

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The kreska is essentially used to soften consonant sounds, and is always used in conjunction with Latin consonants. Potrzebne mi sa dane z akto chrztu i slubow grecko-katolickiej parafii. Please let me know the cost for your help and how I can pay.

Please let me know how I can make an offering to your parish in exchange for your help.

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Indeed, this is absolutely necessary for any advancement in speaking, perhaps the most important of production skills for the early learner. Mysle ze name zmarl [zmarla, if it is a female who died] w Waszej okolicy okolo date roku.

If you know any persons of this name or relatives of the family, I would be grateful if you would give this letter to them so that they can contact me. I thank you in advance for your assistance. The ogonek is perhaps the trickiest letter for learners to get used to, as it can often change its sound with the placement of the tailed vowel in a word, making it hard for the writer or reader to reproduce it correctly.

The kropka is used to form an entirely different letter: Jesli te akta nie sa w Waszym posiadaniu to prosze o podanie mi adresu, gdzie sie one znajduja.

Could you please tell me what year your parish opened and the date when records are first available? Jesli Panstwo wiecie gdzie takie akta byly spisane i gdzie sie obecnie znajduja, to prosze uprzejmie o poinformowanie mnie o tym.

Prosze takze o poinformowanie mnie, jakie sa koszta Waszej pomocy i w jaki sposob moge je uregulowac. Please send me a complete extract of the birth or christening record 1 of this person. Prosze, o przeslanie mi pelnego odpisu aktu zgonu.

Polish | Phrases - Personal | Letter

I would like to know more about the family of this person and if you would provide the names and birthdates of the brothers and sisters and an extract of the marriage record of the parents, I would be very grateful.

Czy sa one dostepne w 1 Waszej parafii? If you know where such records were kept and where they are presently located, would you please inform me? Prosze sprawdzic czy macie w aktach od roku year do roku yearswiadectwo urodzenia tej osoby.

As we have said, many of the letters are equivalent to their Latin counterparts as used in Englishwhile there are some which have alterations to match their sounds. Pragne odnalezc krewnych za w Waszej miejscowosci. Jesli istnieje mozliwosc otrzymania kserokopii wpisow do tych ksiag, to bylbym wdzieczny [bylabym bardzo wdzieczna, if you are female] za ich przeslanie.

Prosze o przeslanie mi pelnego odpisu swiadectwa urodzenia lub chrztu 1 tej osoby. I would like to locate any relatives who may live in your town. However there is a flip side to getting used to sounds, and it has to do with two other fundamental aspects of language learning, reading and writing.

If it is possible to receive photocopies of parish entries, I would be greatful. Bede bardzo wdzieczny [wdzieczna, if you are female] za podanie mi, gdzie mozna obecnie znalezc ksiag metrykalne tej parafii.

I believe that name died in your area about date.

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Prosze o przeslanie mi pelnego odpisu swiadectwa slubu 1 tych osob. The reason for these is again, the extremely phonetic nature of the Polish alphabet, which means while they may make written production more difficult at least in terms of learning volumethey serve their purpose when it comes to reproducing text in speech.

Please send me a complete extract of the marriage record 1 of these persons. I would like a complete extract of the death record.Jul 17,  · Writing Polish Formal Letters. Ivonka 10 | 4 It is a very important area of my personal interests as well.

I have always liked learning about the history, facts and anecdotes connected with Polish cities and I am currently writing a book about the most famous and significant buildings and places in Warsaw. Hello. My name is Adam P. If you need to write a letter in Polish, use this Letter-Writing Guide.

Read the sentences in English and choose those that best express what you want to say. Be sure your sentences are consistent and fit logically together. If you wish to write directly to the local civil records office, you should write in Polish.

If you need to write a letter in Polish, use this Letter-Writing Guide. Read the sentences in English and choose those that best express what you want to say. the Polish Letter Writing Guide at the Polish Roots website. The LDS have published an 8-page "Polish Letter Writing Guide" (Research Guide #), available for 50 cents, and also available online in PDF format.

Overall, the phonetic nature of the polish alphabet means that the extra letters and embellished Latin characters should be expected, and with a little work, it really won't be hard to be able to translate the spoken word into the visual representation required by writing (and naturally the other way round, for reading).

The phrase dictionary category 'Personal| Letter' includes English-Polish translations of common phrases and expressions.

Help writing a personal letter in polish
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