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If you must share, clean equipment with bl! The spread of AIDS in Africa is because of poor medical treatment and a lack of education on the part of the people. However, the virus still represents one the deadliest threats to human life in the developing world, where 90 percent of all infected person reside Caldwell These facts imply that it is not just the sexual behavior of Africans that is causing AIDS to be so prevalent, but that there is something in the culture of Africa which is conducive to sexually transmitted diseases STDs.

According to a survey of commercial farms in Kenya, illness and death have already replaced old-age retirement as the leading reason why employees leave service Tatum However, it is not yet proven that you can get infected from sweat, saliva, or tears. AIDS is also lowering the life expectancy of people in this region of Africa.

Some have been effected more then others though. Factors, such as lower access to health care, poorer quality of health care services, poorer levels of average health and nutrition, and greater exposure to pathogens that cause infection all contribute to the shorter survival in Africa.

The AIDS pandemic is much more than a medical problem, and thus requires more than medical interventions. One other major problem in the spread of AIDS is through rape and sexual abuse.

If HIV-infected blood or sexual fluid gets inside your body, you can get infected. This leads to easy passing of the virus, with the infected person having no idea what they are doing. In the mids, AIDS was a leading cause of death.

Aids in South Africa

On one sugar estate, a quarter of the entire workforce was infected with HIV. You might not know if you are infected with HIV.

It is caused by a virus that can be passed from person to person. Aids in Africa, All pregnant women with the virus have a risk of passing it onto the baby.

The province with the highest increase is KwaZulu, which showed an increase from Without embarrassment, Americans openly discuss methods in which the disease is transmitted. Scientists have wondered about the origin of HIV ever since the epidemic emerged.

In Africa these kinds of sexual actions are never discussed by the media or by the public.

The impact of HIV and AIDS on Africa's economic development

These are issues that have no sexual bias, but nevertheless lead people into behavior or circumstances that place them at risk for infection of HIV.

You must take several medications daily for 30 days. How the virus crossed species is still unclear, though.

No one has ever shown that people from the core areas of the epidemic in Africa are more sexually active than people from Western Europe Poku Africa research paper Aids In Africa essay presented on this page should not be viewed as a sample of our on-line writing service.

They claim that in Africa AIDS is not an epidemic linked to sexual behavior, but is a new name for old diseases that result from poor health care, and widespread malnutrition. The following table shows the percentage of increase of the AIDS virus from They are not taught about the virus as we are in the United States.

For example with having millions of Africans threatened by AIDS may be to make it politically correct to use the continent as a laboratory for vaccine trials.

HIV is the virus that causes AIDS; symptoms only become apparent after the virus lies quietly within the infected person for seven to ten years and most HIV-positive people feel so healthy during this period they do not get tested.

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Out of all the social issues that the continent of Africa has, or is dealing with, AIDS is perhaps the most important. Since the start of the epidemic an estimated 34 million people living in Sub-Saharan Africa in was infected with HIV.View The impact of HIV and AIDs in South Africa Research Papers on for free.

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Read this Miscellaneous Research Paper and over 88, other research documents. Aids in Africa. The AIDS epidemic has reached disastrous proportions on the /5(1).

History: Africa/ Aids In Africa term paper History: Africa term papers.

Aids in Africa

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Free AIDS Africa papers, essays, and research papers. HIV/AIDS Research Paper Essay Sample. In the United States, there are abouttopeople who are HIV-positive. Overpeople are living with AIDS.

Research papers on aids in africa
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