Review of payroll and rostering solutions

Therefore, to identify all relevant issues, feedback as sought and captured from the people, process and technology perspectives. Current situation On 8 March,the solution went live. Large local, national and global skill base that exists to support the SAP payroll solution Mature presence in both the national and global healthcare industry Significant local, national and global implementations that exist for the SAP Payroll solution in related industries Demonstrated commitment to ongoing investment in its healthcare solution SAP is also currently being used by Queensland Health for its Finance solution, minimizing potential integration impacts.

This support will be required in the form of change management, training planning and execution to support staff and minimize negative impacts, create consistent and broadly disseminated communication, and effective, targeted training and education.

As shown in Figure 1 below, the solution was intended to be an interim one and would be delivered under a centralized roistering and payroll model with no improvement of existing business processes. Since then Queensland Health has experienced significant payroll errors resulting in staff being overpaid, underpaid, or not paid at all.

Although the focus of the review was to assess the system Options available for stabilizing and optimizing the current environment, it is important to understand both the people and the business processes that the systems are supporting.

Approach to current state Step l: Successful delivery of effective payroll and roistering services to support Queensland Health staff Overall impact on payroll, administrative and IT support staff Ability to support changes in the health care sector, both State and Federal Commercial risks inherent in the software vendor commercials and contracts.

Invest in the current elution through the fixing of existing system issues Option 2 — Stabilize and optimism the existing solution environment i. This would include refresher training for all staff participating in the implementation Of payroll and roistering processes.

Detailed analysis to confirm that current system issues can be resolved by the vendor in a timely manner Appropriate commercial and service level agreements and suitable contracts can be negotiated With the system vendors, including access to locally skilled resources Note: Validation With key stakeholders The field data obtained in Step 3 was assessed and validated through a consultation process that included staff Within the payroll State Wide operations team.

Review of Payroll and Rostering Solutions Paper

Option 1 — Stabilize the existing solution environment i. Assumptions The information, findings and recommendations contained in this review are based on the following assumptions: For example, this effort would include additional reconfiguring.

Option 2 — Stabilize and optimism the existing solution environment The key components Of the most effective and efficient, lowest risk option include: The Auditor- General Report identified a number of factors with the implementation of the new payroll and roistering solution which have contributed to the payroll issues Ewing experienced why Queensland Health.

Approach Our approach to understanding the current Queensland Health solution is represented in Table I below: At the District or Hospital level. From the findings of the staff consultation, vendor analysis and peer review, we generated a list of options available to Queensland Health to rectify current payroll errors: How to cite this page Choose cite format: Address the issues that have been experienced through the centralized model, i.

This may involve reconfiguring the current systems or introducing alternatives, however it should be noted this review was not intended to be a System procurement exercise. Accordingly, whilst this review has considered the origin of the current issues n making this assessment Of ongoing system options, it is not a review Of the root causes of the original project problems.

This approach has been provided in Figure 2 below: I, Immediately initiate the Queensland Health optimism project to confirm the implementation roadman and plan including the following key activities: The re-implementation of the Queensland Health solution should be conducted as a new program With a defined and agreed vision that also considers the Finance solution visionin parallel to ongoing activities of PIP.

Formal discussions with unions At the request of the Queensland Premier and the Health Minister we held joint briefing sessions with unions to confirm our engagement approach, understand their issues with regard to the current solution and identify members to participate in the consultation process.

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This program was established to stabilize the current systems and implement fixes that can provide some immediate relief to payroll operators and recipients.

Further, we consider that the solution in its current state is not able to effectively respond to the National Health Reform Agenda, the introduction of Local Health and Hospitals Networks and the need for integrated workforce information.

Both of these are operationally focused to pay staff correctly as soon as possible. These reforms will be delivered through the National Health and Hospitals Network, with each State working closely with their Commonwealth counterparts to understand the specific impacts of the reforms.

Jesting and staff training over and above fixing the Working solution. This validation process also included feedback from solution vendors. Existing documents and reports In consultation with Queensland Health staff, we identified relevant documentation which informed our review process.

In response to the financial distress this caused many employees, Queensland Health undertook immediate action to stabilize the payroll and roistering solution and to make payments to those staff who were underpaid, or not paid at all.

SAP can provide an appropriate payroll solution for Queensland Health. This is because SAP has a: The information below is summarized and presented for a broader stakeholder audience.

Therefore, any activities to address current issues should be fully scoped and conducted in line with the objectives of this new business payroll operating model urgent information is required that: Our vendor analysis across the payroll and roistering software market found that: In June,the Auditor-General of Queensland conducted a review of the Queensland Health information systems governance and control in relation to the Continuity Project.

This was intended to assist the review team in identifying people, process and technology issues.Queensland Health Review of Payroll and Rostering Solutions Ernst & Young 2 1.

Executive summary In July,Queensland Health engaged Ernst & Young to conduct a review of its payroll.

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Free Essay: Review of payroll and rostering solutions Queensland Health September In March,Queensland Health went live with a new payroll and. Payroll & Rostering The Unavailability / Skills tab within the Maintain Employee dialog now includes Last Performance Review (date) and Review Period (months) to allow you to maintain review details for each employee.

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Review of Payroll and Rostering Solutions Essay Review of payroll and rostering solutions Queensland Health September In March,Queensland Health went live with a new payroll and rostering solution for all staff in every location across the state.

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Review of payroll and rostering solutions
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