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To me, the beautiful thing is also that the parents of these people can empathise with the parents of the characters. As Chris himself jokes with a passerby he meets on his travels: Exploring the experiences of artists who are dealing with or have previously dealt with disability, it merges three character studies, with each artist talking in detail about their work and how it has been affected by their physical conditions.

I was wondering whether they would think I was romanticising or that it was too controversial, but it was heartwarming, encouraging and optimistic to me that they actually took to this message and agreed that it should be approached differently in terms of how to describe bipolar as an illness.

Granny always held a passion for music, which I never quite understood when I was younger. It has inspired me to seek out new ways to share with my granny. Bipolar is the outer range of human emotion, so they made the imaginary leap to smhaff writing awards images brink of their emotions in a very real way.

Being bipolar will always inform who I am. A lot of people expressed to me that they were able to have dialogues with their children that they were never able to have before.

Folk musician Sarah Jones performs with her collection of guitars and shares stories from her life as a vicar and transwoman, while Edward Reid and the SoundSational Community Choir present workshops and a free concert on using singing to help with stress and depression.

What was most beneficial was realising that music is so smhaff writing awards images more than something to listen to. We experienced first-hand the performed repertoire, improvised repertoire and group playing that they would use in their workshop sessions, using Harry Potter wand type chimes, the audience could accompany Alison as we communicated though body language, facial expression and music, a new language we may want to pay more attention to.

In a similar fashion to the crows, this was an effective way to suggest the presence of a wider community in a play with just two actors. Or are these people really crazy?

This seems extremely appropriate, as the film portrays three people who have experienced the impact of a life-changing condition, struggled with it and found different ways of coping with it.

The graffiti also introduced the motif of attaching labels to people, something explored throughout the play. By delving into the real experiences of these three artists, it gives varying perspectives on the impact of disability on art, exploring the interaction between health and creativity, showing the limits that health can impose on creativity, but also representing the possibilities it can open up for working in different ways.

The film is both sensitive and honest as it explores the balance between accepting a condition and rebelling against it, the gradual realisation that things are not going to revert to how they were, and the process of coming to terms with that.

These conditions are traditionally progressive and ultimately severe. Music was the setting and context that allowed this couple an opportunity to share, once again, with each other.

His own driving force was the desire to do something different, to show life through a bipolar lens, so to speak.

Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival 2015

The way that the women responded to the labels they were given was really interesting, especially Carrie who tells Emily: Where the Crow Flies tells the story of young mother Carrie, whose husband has been jailed for a violent crime he claims not to have committed.

For full film listings in Glasgow and Edinburgh, see our film flyer. Smhaff writing awards images open event saw networks and partnerships developed in East Dunbartonshire and Renfrewshire across various private, public and third sector organisations.

Morton too saw the crows as representative of the community and their repeated cries throughout the play were intended to stress that in this community you are never alone; there are always others watching and listening.

Touring in the Highlands, Fable is a quirky production combining storytelling, spoken word and music, while performer Donna Rutherford explores ageing through soup-making and storytelling traditions with Broth in Inverclyde.

Visual Arts Now in its third year, Out of Sight, Out of Mind is a series of ambitious visual arts exhibitions, taking place in Summerhall and other venues across Edinburgh. His enthusiasm for simply walking and talking gave rise to the idea for the coastal trek in which he would rely on the kindness of strangers to provide him with food, shelter and companionship to sustain him.

When the task of breaking down the barriers between us — which allow stigma and exclusion to exist — seems so great, perhaps it would serve us well to remember that all we need to do is to start somewhere, connect with one another and talk.

He would give me feedback on the script and every stage of the process. The film presents an honest at times brutally so portrait of Chris Young as he embarks on a journey of 10, miles around the periphery of the UK, in an attempt to challenge mental health stigma.

He hopes his openness will encourage others in the entertainment industry to come out, because the media has a huge effect on social environments and how mental illness is viewed.

He approaches his teaching that way too and encourages you to have your own voice. The benefits of speaking out in public about bipolar, however, far outweigh the potential downside.Part of the festival is their writing awards, and event that took place last Monday, the 17 October at the Scottish Storytelling Centre in Edinburgh.

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What makes it interesting is that the ten shortlisted stories of the entries they received have been made available as an e-book that you can read on their website at.

The SMHAFF Writing Awards return for another year, in an afternoon dedicated to exploring passion, mental health and the written word at St George’s Tron Church in Glasgow.

The inimitable Rally & Broad host an eclectic showcase of literature, spoken word and music, while In the Shadow of the Castle is an evening of poetry taking place. During the SMHAFF exhibition in Edinburgh in October she posted images of her Llama sculptures [ ] Read More» Art, Design, Writing, Music, Photography and Scholarship Awards handed out Larbert High School Absolutely fantastic nights!!!

Thank you to all our supporters, can’t work without you ALL!!! SMHAFF #Writing Awards: Celebrating the Power of Words and Personal Experience #MentalHealth #ShortStory #Poetry #Fiction #Literature See more.

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SMHAFF #Writing Awards: Celebrating the Power of Words and Personal Experience #MentalHealth #ShortStory #Poetry #Fiction. To arrange interviews, images and media tickets for the launch or any other Festival event, please contact Sophie Crabb [email protected], or For The SMHAFF Writing Awards return for another year, in an afternoon dedicated to exploring passion, mental health and the written word at St .

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