Some like it hot movie refection

Wilder and Diamond both liked that particular device—and not much else. He goes in to measure Marilyn and she comes out in a pair of panties and a silk blouse. He needed to see if it could play. June Jackson, Zachery.

So he went in and measured Jack, and Jack came out in boxer shorts, stood in front of him and put the tape around his neck: The last piece of the characters was their makeup. Took all the measurements of Jack.

Lemmon skipped around, talked in a high-pitched voice, and was generally bubbly and ditzy. For example, during this movie when she was walking toward the train a puff of smoke blew at her and she almost fell.

When it came to developing how Junior would sound, Curtis brought out his Cary Grant impersonation. She wears dresses that are almost see through as supposed to the long poodle skirts, and other types of dresses that women wore in the fifties.

He stood Billy up. But that is what I feel this film is all about. The role of Sugar abled her to express all of these traits. Under the auspices that we were, the production end of it was very clumsy. Wilder tried patching things up, but she died a short time later.

Another example would be her obsession with bourbon; despite her drinking habits she was still seen as innocent in the eyes of Joe. Monroe goes against the typical conservative way of dressing and acting and brings about her own self-expression.

It was banned in Kansas after United Artists refused to edit the love scene between Curtis and Monroe, while in Memphis a censorship board restricted viewing to adults-only. All of this put epic strains on Wilder and the cast, especially Curtis and Lemmon, who had to be perfect on every take because Wilder would use the one where Monroe was perfect, regardless of how well they performed.

With Monroe pushing the cultural boundaries, she has opened up the door for future actresses of her time to do the same as she did.

Some Like It Hot Movie Refection Essay

And based on what definition of comedy? That, I think was very important. Monroe was able to come into the movie already having made an impact on the sexual freedoms that women are allowed to express now.

Some Like It Hot (1959)

But that might be why it connected so forcefully with audiences and remains an unassailable American classic. Warner, and Anna Nilsson. Then he came up to me. Dressed like women, Curtis and Lemmon now needed to establish what kind of women they would be. Near the end of the film, Spats sees a hood played by Edward G.

So that was difficult.Watch online full movie: Some Like It Hot (), for free. When two musicians witness a mob hit, they flee the state in an all female band disguised as women, but further complications set in stream movies.

Some Like It Hot is a American black and white romantic comedy film set indirected and produced by Billy Wilder, starring Marilyn Monroe, Some Like It Hot at the TCM Movie Database; Some Like It Hot at Rotten Tomatoes; Roger Ebert's review of Some Like It Hot; Literature.

Some Like It Hot Movie Refection Essay Words | 3 Pages Response # 2 Film Response 2 Marilyn Monroe in Some Like it Hot For my response I decided to write about the film Some Like it Hot.

some like it hot was a little too hot for some people.

Some Like It Hot was a huge hit when it was released inbut not everyone had the opportunity to see it. Free Essay: Cassandra Calvin THE March 1, Film Response # 2 Film Response 2 Marilyn Monroe in Some Like it Hot For my response I decided to. Some Like It Hot was released in but its effervescence and sparkle are timeless.

Some Like It Hot

I guarantee that it will make you laugh out loud. August 28, | Full Review 96%(54).

Some like it hot movie refection
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