Strategic marketing planning for a supplier of liquid food packaging products in cyprus

More and more Indians are now becoming health conscious and a majority of the products here are now available in hygiene packaging. Hence, the marketers need to first incorporate such features in their brands which would be able to meet the desired benefits of one or more segments of the consumer and then promote their brands by highlighting these product features so as to target their brands on these segments of consumers.

Packaging Decisions Packaging decisions are very important for the marketing because now-a- days the consumers pay a lot of attention and care for selecting a product. Thus it can be concluded that strong brands have their equity too and the value of which depends upon their market hare, their level of customer loyalty, its profitability, future potential and also the several other considerations.

So, in the modern days, the marketing managers pay a lot of care for making the packaging decisions of the products being marketed by them. However, due care must be taken as an overenthusiastic approach may lead to cost over-runs as packaging has a direct bearing on the product cost. Consumers are not resorting to more of impulse buying and are eager to try new brands.

This post was shared by a member of the BXP community and edited by our editorial staff. Packaging is a function of both physical distribution as well as advertising. The result of positioning is the successful creation of a customer focused value proposition a cogent reason why the target market should buy the product.

The present era of cut throat competition has enabled the consumer to select the brand of product to be consumed from amongst a vast number of competing brands. The packaging should be strong enough so that it can stand the strain of transportation and handling. It not only helps in protecting the product from being damaged during its handling but also protects it as an attractive packaging works as a silent salesman.

It should also be adequate to ensure a long shelf-life. These days the consumer readily pays the price of the packaging if it helps in adding to its quality and hygiene, so therefore, the marketers should take decisions in favor of improving the acceptance level of their brand by adopting appropriate packaging designs made with appropriate materials.

A brand promises to deliver value upon which customers and prospective purchasers can rely to be consistent over a long period of time. From being functional initially and addressing the need for protection during the time in-between production and consumption of the products, packaging is becoming vehicle for communication, used to effectively influence the end consumer.

Sometimes packaging becomes the most important way of delivering the good, and its cost represents the largest part of the total cost of the product. The marketers need to take care of these marketing aspects also.

The brand should match the value gained by the consumers after its consumption to the value promised by it.

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Product packaging decisions are very important and the marketers need to be very careful about it, as packaging is sometimes the key factor of success or failure of a new launch.

Overall it can be concluded that packaging is an integral and an important component of the product. Therefore, the cost aspect of packaging should be strictly controlled so that the product may not be overpriced.

There is a great level of change in the product packaging particularly in the material used for it. Thus for product positioning to succeed, it must be based on an identifiable, meaningful and compelling value proposition.

It is essential that latest techniques and materials of packaging be used. Importance of Packaging Depending on the products and the industry, the packaging can have different levels of importance.

There is emerging a strong change in the packaging scene in India and rather there is a packaging revolution. The total packaging volumes for consumer packaging in India reached a total of 39, million units by Through packaging the important information about the product, price, manufacturer and the consumption precautions etc.

The long run survival for many of the brands has been possible only due to their adapting to the new and innovative packaging materials for their products.

It might not always be possible to merely reduce the cost of packaging without affecting the various components of the marketing mix because the packaging decisions affect all the four components of the marketing mix.

Packaging Scene in India The Indian market has been rapidly changing during the last ten years or so due to the entry of some worldwide players who have upgraded the market standards. More so, packaging carries some aesthetic value also.

Marketers try to add value to their brands by way to packaging as a tool. With advancement of the nations, new legislation has been incorporated for the merchandising of the goods. Good and attractive packaging adds to product attraction but not without adding to its cost. Packaging deals with the nature of the container, its size, shape, color and the message printed on it.

Marketers have introduced various packaged sizes of their products suitable to different pockets and needs besides tetra pack packaging for food products etc.

Packaging is no longer a mere outer covering of a product for its protection; it is very much a contributing factor for its increasing marketability. Besides these, the packaging should be so design so as to be capable of differentiating the product and it must be suitable for display.

Coca Cola paid Rs. The labeling used on the packaging also serves as a means of communication about the product contents, quality, quantity etc. Do you have news to share with our readers or a package design project that you are especially proud of?Most products have some form of packaging, even if it's just a price tag.

What Is Product Packaging in Marketing? - Definition, Types & Importance What Is Product Packaging in Marketing?

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The aim of this paper is to provide a strategic review of the marketing function for a Cypriot company operating in the liquid food packaging industry.

The company was established in the early s and the purpose of its business is to provide marketing and after‐sales services of its products to local liquid food manufacturers in Cyprus. Packaging Strategic Facility Planning Sustainability Operations Improvement ONEsolution Pharmaceutical Bottle/Blister packaging (liquid and solid dose) Pharmaceutical Compliance packaging; Optimizing Facility, Process & Packaging Design for Food Safety.

Need a sample business plan for a manufacturing, fabrication, or production business? From sourcing your raw materials, to budgeting for plant and equipment, these sample manufacturing plans will help you get started making - and selling - something useful. Strategic Marketing Planning for a Supplier of Liquid Food Packaging Products In Cyprus more by Prof.

Demetris Vrontis and Harry Kogetsidis More Info: Vrontis, D., Kogetsidis, H. and Stavrou, A. (), “Strategic Marketing Planning for a Supplier of Liquid Food Packaging Products in Cyprus”, Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing, Vol.

21, Iss. 4, pp.

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Strategic marketing planning for a supplier of liquid food packaging products in cyprus
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