The many different ideas and symbols in the short story the train from rhodesia

I was arguing with him for fun, bargaining—when the train had pulled out already, he came tearing after…One-and-six Baas! His uniform is rumpled and creased. In any other place, the work of such a talented artist would fetch a far higher price.

Creaking, jerking, jostling, gasping, the train filled the station. He stood looking at her. His children run around barefoot. From a piece of string on his grey finger hung a tiny woven basket; he lifted it, questioning.

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While the white-controlled government sought to crush such resistance movements through violence, surveillance, and sometimes assassination, the African National Congress continued to exist even after it was outlawed and its leaders, including Mandela, were imprisoned. The man called out to them, something loud and joking.

Her back remained at exactly the same angle, turned against the young man sitting with his hands drooping between his sprawled legs, and the lion, fallen on its side in the corner.

She represents those who are not entirely comfortable with apartheid but benefit from it anyhow. Her thoughts also suggest that she is unsure about her feelings for her new husband. Away from the unreality of the last few weeks? Her husband bargains with the vendor and obtains the carving for an unfairly low price, causing his wife to feel humiliated and isolated from him.

The woman becomes upset after her husband buys the lion for a few cents. She had thought it was something to do with singleness, with being alone and belonging too much to oneself. A man passed beneath the arch of reaching arms meeting grey-black and white in the exchange of money for the staring wooden eyes, the stiff wooden legs sticking up in the air; went along under the voices and the bargaining, interrogating the wheels.

It is not necessary for Gordimer to mention the race of the characters in the story.

The Train from Rhodesia Analysis

Oh leave it—she said. When the old man consents to a lower price, the young woman thinks that, as a tourist, she has already bought enough trinkets, including wooden hippos and elephants. This, also, is a symbol of nature, even though it negatively connotes their position in society as nothing more than pieces of meat.

Cite this article Pick a style below, and copy the text for your bibliography. A stir of preparedness rippled through the squatting native venders waiting in the dust; the face of a carved wooden animal, eternally surprised, stuck out of a sack.

In the mids when she was barely thirty years old, Gordimer had published two highly respected collections of short stories and her first novel The Lying Days. He is surprised when she declines to buy the lion from the native at the train station.

Nadine Gordimer Writing Styles in The Train from Rhodesia

Her parents were Jewish emigrants from London. She went into the coupe and sat down. However, this simple theme supports a complex and nuanced rising awareness on the part of the female protagonist.

It is a poetic story— even more important, an impressionistic painting, for Miss Gordimer wants us to see and to feel the world of Africa through this one incident.

The Train from Rhodesia - Sample Essay

Dogs and hens surround the dining car waiting for scraps. Previously, she had attributed such feelings to being single and alone. Her husband is sprawled out on the seat and she remains with her back toward him. Odd…somewhere there was an idea that he, that living with him, was part of the holiday, the strange places.

The young woman drew her head in.In “The Train from Rhodesia,” a train’s short stop in a poor African village highlights the racial and class barriers that typify South African life in the s. Though only a few pages long, Gordimer’s story encompasses several themes besides racial inequality, including greed, poverty, and conscience.

“The Train from Rhodesia” deals with the contrast in the lives between the people on the train and those in the station and also between the young wife and husband. The passengers on the train. ‘The Train from Rhodesia’ is a story of guilt and how culture can affect different people, however, ‘The Young Couple’ is an insight of how culture can affect people differently.

‘A Stench of Kerosene’ demonstrates how people can be put under pressure by culture. "The Train from Rhodesia "Nadine Gordimer Laura Garber FONTS Literary Elements Recommendation ""The Train from Rhodesia" by Nadine Gordimer is a classic South African piece written in a time of high pressure racial discrimination between the natives and the whites.

The Train from Rhodesia

The Train From Rhodesia, Nadine Gordimer, South African, The train came out of the red horizon and bore down towards them over the single straight track. The stationmaster came out of his little brick station with its pointed chalet roof, feeling the creases in his serge uniform in his legs as well.

The Train from Rhodesia - Nadine Gordimer Plot. A white couple are on the train back from their honeymoon ; Impoverished people at a station try to sell them their crafts.

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The many different ideas and symbols in the short story the train from rhodesia
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